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Ampersand Cultured butter

Ampersand Cultured butter

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We are very excited to be stocking this wonderful rich butter from Ampersand cultured butter.  It is also the butter we use in our croissants.
It’s made in small quantities by Grant Harrington in Oxfordshire using local Jersey cow milk, healthy bacteria culture and a naturally mineral rich Himalayan pink rock salt. This makes a really buttery, creamy, tangy flavour with just the perfect level of salt.  We think it compliments our breads perfectly.  

The culture in this butter is the good bacteria (lactobacillus), added to the rich, yellow jersey cream and aged, once it reaches the perfect maturity the cream is then churned. During this process, the lactose eat the sugars and carbohydrates in the cream and produce specific lactic acids which are incredibly rich in butter flavours, being probiotic, it’s better for you and the acidity, naturally increases it’s shelf life. Once churned, unrefined pink rock salt is ground and hand kneaded into the cultured butter, from the churn.

  The difference in flavour profile between cultured and regular butter is most easily compared to that between crème fraîche and cream.  Rich cream flavour complemented with a complex buttery acidic note, the specific lactic bacteria strain added actually produce healthy amounts of diacetyl and butyric acid - the flavour we all associate with butter.