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GLUTEN FREE Buckwheat and poppyseed
GLUTEN FREE Buckwheat and poppyseed

GLUTEN FREE Buckwheat and poppyseed

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We are delighted to offer a gluten free option from award winning Knife and fork bakery

This loaf is made from a buckwheat & teff flour blend and fresh bakers yeast with the addition of poppy seed too. The poppy seed adds a nutty flavour and also add to the nutritional content of the loaf as poppy seed are high in magnesium and calcium and they also add extra fibre.  This loaf has a lovely nutty flavour and a attractive malty colour studded with the seeds. 

Great for open sandwiches, toast or a sandwich.

Poppy seeds have a natural affinity with lemon so a squeeze of lemon on a smoked salmon sandwiches or toasted & slathered with far too much butter is always a winner too.   

comes ready sliced for your convenience



Buckwheat, sorghum, white teff, brown teff, quinoa, flaxseed, psyllium, fresh yeast, poppyseed, salt.