*NEW* Bruern Farm stoneground flour
*NEW* Bruern Farm stoneground flour
*NEW* Bruern Farm stoneground flour
*NEW* Bruern Farm stoneground flour

*NEW* Bruern Farm stoneground flour

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We are very  happy to be able to offer 1.5Kg bags of this flour

Our long term plan is to increase the amount of local produce in our bakes, to make connections with local producers and growers, as well as increasing the amount of beneficial wholegrains in all of our bakes

Flour from Bruern ticks all boxes

This is the flour that we use in some part in most of our breads and bakes, and use 100% in our Bruern stoneground loaf

We think it has an exceptional flavour

The grain is grown, stonemilled and bagged at Bruern Farms, a short distance outside Chipping Norton. 


Why stoneground flour? 

The stone-grinding process retains a higher amount of vitamins and minerals, with less heat imparted onto the grain which  destroys precious nutrients.    By comparison to conventional roller milled flour stoneground is more nutritious because it is barely refined. While its sieving mechanism may remove about 28% of its bulk as the bran is removed, a beige coloured flour results which still contains fine fragments of bran. Furthermore, it contains significant amounts of the layers between the highly nutritious outer bran and the endosperm (the inner white part) rich in vital minerals.  Regarding vitamins, not only does it contain the B group of vitamins gained from the endosperm, but more importantly the precious germ oil, that contains three vitamins alone. Conventional bread flour milled on roller mill is devoid of many of these nutrients and must be fortified with synthetic vitamins, iron, and calcium.  Nothing is added to this flour, it is already rich in minerals and vitamins

The Bruern farm approach 

“Diversity is the key to a healthy world - diversity in our hedgerows, woodland, fields and grain varieties. Through our work with the Cotswold Grain Network, Bruern Farms has established trial plots where we grow hundreds of different varieties of grain, sourced from all over the world. These grains are not owned by large corporations; and have not been bred in a lab. These are ancient grains created over millennia through natural evolution.

 The health of the environment, of the land itself and of our community, have been our priorities and that is why provenance and transparency have always been held close.

We see this work as very much challenging the current agri-business model to create an alternative economy that increases diversity; engages buyers; shortens the supply chain and empowers farmers.”


Discover more about Bruern Farms here: https://bruernfarms.co.uk/