Mince Pies (22nd DEC)
Mince Pies (22nd DEC)
Mince Pies (22nd DEC)

Mince Pies (22nd DEC)

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Our ever popular mince pies are made with  all butter pastry and a choice between moist delicious almond frangipane or buttery crumble topping. We start making mincemeat in September using apples from the garden, our own candied peel and copious amounts of brandy, it is juicy and delicious and contains no suet so is suitable for vegetarians. 


Ingredients: Wheat Flour, butter, almonds, sugar, eggs, dried fruit(sultanas, cranberries, raisins) orange, lemon, apples, brandy, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, salt


not suitable for vegans